Ali Rolls for Damage

[Trans]Gen[der] Con


So, this is an interesting time to be an out and proud trans woman attending Gen Con. For those of your not keeping up: there have been some incredibly gender progressive things happening in a couple of major game systems lately. First is the fantastically progressive gender entry in the new D&D Player’s Handbook. The…

Running the Starter Set


Last Wednesday I put my usual Pathfinder campaign on hold for a brief tour of the Starter Set. We will be playing through the Lost Mine of Phandelver for at least a month (until Gen Con). I suspect we won’t carry the adventure to its final conclusion, mostly because of how limited the Basic Rules…

Even Munchkins Can Have Souls


When it comes to making PCs, I am a character builder first and a stats munchkin second. I will sub-optimize my combat prowess for the sake of a good concept. A barbarian who eschews magic weapons in favor of her cherished but non-magical blade? Been there. A changeling sorcerer who goes around pretending she’s a cleric and…